ALM Foundations

In this pathway, Chris gives a run down on the prime functions of a bank, the financial statements published by banks, the principal risks, before introducing us to the treasury and asset and liability management function. Finally, Dave explains the role and importance of the treasury and ALM function and what constitutes a good treasury and ALM function.




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10 videos • 1 hour 50 minutes

  • The Wider Banking Environment

    This video will help you understand many of the different types of non-bank financial institutions and Financial market infrastructures that are of relevance to a bank Treasury and the activities of asset and liability management, alongside a proxy economic flow of funds showing how it all comes together in reality.

    Chris Blake11:32

  • Bank Balance Sheets

    This video aims to provide a simple overview of a bank balance sheet, enabling the viewer to identify the principal items on it and what they mean.

    Chris Blake12:44

  • Bank Income Statements

    This video aims to provide a simple overview of a bank income statement, enabling the viewer to identify the principal items on it and what they mean.

    Chris Blake08:40

  • Bank Solvency and Liquidity risks

    The key activities for banks create risks such as credit, liquidity and funding maturity mismatch alongside market risks, both in terms of traded and non-traded. Banks accept these risks and need to have good knowledge, controls and governance to manage them. This video delves into these areas in more depth.

    Chris Blake07:00

  • Non-Financial Risks of Banks

    This video will set out the main financial risks that banks create, as well as the non-financial risks that they incur in the course of doing their business. It will explain the importance of governance and having a good framework to balance risk and return and ensure risks are managed within acceptable limits.

    Chris Blake14:22

  • Role of Bank Treasury

    By the end of this video you will be able to evaluate the role of the treasury or ALM function and understand how it is described as “the bank within the bank”, alongside analysing the importance of asset and liability management in optimising the balance between risk and return. Finally, we will compare and contrast different organisational models of the treasury function

    Chris Blake17:22

  • Bank Performance Metrics

    After watching this video, you will be able to evaluate a range of financial measures and metrics used by investors to assess banks. You will understand that banks, especially in the private sector, need to generate sufficient returns both to reward their investors and to grow their own capital resources.

    Chris Blake10:48

  • The importance of a good treasury and ALM function

    In this video, David tells us why some bank Treasury and Asset & Liability Management teams are successful, and why others are not. He further introduces the importance of aiming for good practice in the Treasury & ALM function in a bank. 


  • What constitutes a good treasury and ALM function?

    Successful bank is likely to have good quality Treasury & ALM teams. These teams are often amongst the most professional and hard working in the bank. Join David as he discusses what good ALM practice looks like, and how to achieve it.


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