Credit Risk Mitigation

In this pathway, Belinda Green explores the concept of credit risk and the different mitigation techniques that can be used. She explains the importance of effective deal structuring, internal monitoring plans, collateral and also the documentation suite typically used by lenders.


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  • Introduction to Credit Risk Mitigation

    Credit risk is the risk of financial loss to a lender should a customer or counterparty default. The accurate measure of credit risk is an essential tool for credit decision making and internal risk management. In the first part of this video series, Belinda will discuss the concept of credit risk - what it is, how it is measure?


  • Documentary Protections for Credit Risk Mitigation

    This video focuses on on documentary protections. Documentation is a crucial part of the credit risk mitigation process. Effective deal structuring minimises the severity of loss, and gives lenders a measure of control over the assets and cash flows of the borrower. It also provides lenders with early warning signs of potential credit risk migration.


  • Internal Credit Risk Monitoring

    In this video, Belina will continue the discussion on risk mitigation by looking at how effective internal monitoring plans can be a very useful tool in the lender’s suite of risk mitigation strategies.


  • Collateral and Credit Risk Mitigation

    Lenders can minimise LGD, and mitigate credit risk by taking collateral. This video explores all the different aspects of collateral such as the purpose of collateral, the different types of assets taken as collateral and the key points a lender must consider when taking collateral.


  • The Credit Documentation Suite

    Documentation formalises the lending, borrowing and security arrangements between the parties, details the borrowers’ and issuers’ obligations and provides lenders and investors with the legal recourse in the event of default. This video explores some typical forms of documentation that parties enter into when issuing debt.


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