The Mechanics of Alpha

If beta is an indication of generic market performance, alpha is a premium that one can achieve through a differentiated process or skill. In this pathway we are going to look at the mechanics of value creation, that is differentiated and incremental to the general market dynamics. We will look at the largest pool of investments, which is equities and bonds and we will unveil the structural differences for which one can achieve superior performance between these two asset classes. We are going to explore the scope and limitations of non-traditional analysis by looking at Environmental Social Governance, or ESG considerations and we’re going to unveil the merits of bond holder engagement, in creating change. We are also going to look at the investment process and explore what sources of repeatable performance can arise from its various components.

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6 videos • 57 minutes

  • 5 Misconceptions About Bonds

    This video is for everyone, and particularly for those who view the world of finance exclusively through the prism of company ownership. In this video, Alex explains bonds at a high level, the key misconceptions associated with it, and how understanding these can enhance our decision-making and better our investment choices.

    Alex Struc11:15

  • Value of ESG Integration

    The purpose of this two-part video series is to explore the scope and challenges of creating and implementing a market-leading ESG practice or offering. In this video, Alex introduces some of the potential benefits of ESG integration for investors and investees, including achieving superior returns and lengthening the performance cycle.

    Alex Struc09:20

  • Limitations of ESG Integration

    In the second video in this two-part series, Alex highlights some of the challenges businesses face when implementing ESG considerations into their decision-making processes.

    Alex Struc08:04

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