Blockchain: A Legal Lens

Blockchain is a game changing technology. It opens up new sources of lending and finance, reduces transaction costs and allows individuals to participate in the economy in ways they’ve never been able to before. In this pathway, James will run through setting up a fictitious blockchain project with the goal of improving the supply chain of tea. He will explain how the technology works, its strengths and vulnerabilities and how the technology is perceived by regulators. The aim of this pathway is to give you the confidence to deal with this new technology, whilst also understanding the risks and how to deal with them.

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5 videos • 47 minutes

  • Blockchain and Smart Contracts

    In the first video of this video series, James explains the concept of blockchain along with its benefits. He further explains what smart contracts are and how we can overcome the limitations of smart contracts.

    James Burnie12:03

  • Cryptoassets and the different Protocols

    Cryptoassets are pieces of information stored on a blockchain that are traded for the value of the information itself. The second video in this five-part video series provides an understanding of cryptoassets and how regulators have dealt with them.

    James Burnie12:03

  • Financing a Blockchain Project and Blockchain Security

    In this video, James will explain how a tea supply chain could benefit from the use of the technology known as blockchain. He also discusses the operational requirements and potential security issues associated with using the technology. And we briefly look at the potential requirement for participants in the project to hire suitable custodians to handle their tokens.

    James Burnie12:12

  • Governance of a Blockchain Project

    In this video, James will discuss the running and maintenance of the blockchain through governance, the need for it, and the various levels of governance and its advantages. 

    James Burnie11:26

  • Benefits and Challenges of Decentralised Finance

    Decentralised finance, or "DeFi", refers to the concept of providing financial services without involving intermediaries. In the last video of this five-part video series, James explains what DeFi is and the main potential downside of DeFi.

    James Burnie08:13

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