Building Societies

Building Societies have evolved from societies of people seeking to build their own homes into specialist savings banks concentrated on mortgage lending. The building society industry has changed significantly since the first were founded in the 18th century. Join Sir Mark Boleat, former Director General of the Building Societies Association, as he discusses the constantly changing nature of the industry.




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3 videos • 31 minutes

  • Overview and History of Building Societies

    Building societies have evolved into specialist savings banks which concentrate on mortgage lending. In the first video of the series on building societies, Sir Mark Boleat explains the evolution of these financial institutions in order to understand their place in the British system today.

    Sir Mark Boleat09:39

  • The Building Society Industry Today

    In the previous video of the series, Sir Mark Boleat covered the history of the building societies. In this video, he covers the legislative framework and the structure of the industry.

    Sir Mark Boleat14:36

  • The Future and Development of Building Societies

    In the final video of the series, Sir Mark Boleat discusses the current issues and the development of building societies across the world.

    Sir Mark Boleat06:53

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