Finance Meets ESG

Finance sits at the centre of all economic activity and therefore plays a significant role in the transition to a low carbon economy. Adopting environmentally conscious values in finance is rapidly gaining ground due to increasing regulatory pressures and demand from investors. This pathway will be your guide to the essentials that anyone in finance should know.

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9 videos • 1 hour 37 minutes

  • Green Finance Introduction

    Green Finance promotes the flow of financial support towards the development of environmentally sustainable activities. In this video, Simon provides an introduction to this vital topic by outlining its importance and what it means in practice.

    Simon Thompson08:26

  • Retail Banking and the Green Economy

    In the first part of this two-part video series on “Banks and the Green Economy”, Simon gives us an overview and some examples of how banks can – and are – supporting the transition to a green economy.

    Simon Thompson11:59

  • Wholesale Banking and the Green Economy

    In the second part of this two-part video series on “Banks and the Green Economy”, Simon explains the role of wholesale and investment banks in serving corporate clients and other financial institutions.

    Simon Thompson09:58

  • Green and Sustainable FinTech

    Over the past decade, digital, data-driven and internet enabled technologies have transformed many aspects of financial services. In this video, Simon will look both at the benefits of applying FinTech to green and sustainable finance, and also at some of the challenges to be overcome.

    Simon Thompson11:14

  • Value of ESG Integration

    The purpose of this two-part video series is to explore the scope and challenges of creating and implementing a market-leading ESG practice or offering. In this video, Alex introduces some of the potential benefits of ESG integration for investors and investees, including achieving superior returns and lengthening the performance cycle.

    Alex Struc09:20

  • Limitations of ESG Integration

    In the second video in this two-part series, Alex highlights some of the challenges businesses face when implementing ESG considerations into their decision-making processes.

    Alex Struc08:04

  • Social Impact Investment & Social Lending Introduction

    Stuart provides an introduction to social investment and explains what social investment is, the difference between loans and grants and how charities sustain loans and credit.

    Stuart Sweeney15:29

  • Measuring Social Impact & a Social Impact Fund Case Study

    In the second part of Stuart's introduction to social investment, he covers the different types of social investor and the approaches to measuring social impact.

    Stuart Sweeney14:56

  • Sustainable Finance Supply Chains using Blockchain

    Shona references case studies to disclose the sustainability issues regarding modern supply chains and offers the application of blockchain as a potential solution.

    Shona Tatchell08:07

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