Market Bubbles

Market bubbles are an inevitability. Current valuations in many markets and investments seem off-kilter with fundamental analysis. If history is anything to go by, the next market bubble isn't too far away. By exploring the largest market bubbles in history, this pathway will make it easier to spot the key stages and indicators of a market bubble.

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4 videos • 26 minutes

  • What is a Market Bubble?

    In this first part of the series on market bubbles, Peter explains what market bubbles are and how they form by referencing Hyman Minsky's five stages of a market bubble.

    Peter Eisenhardt03:33

  • Market Bubbles Before 2000

    Minsky’s stages can be used as a framework for studying the greatest market bubbles in history. Peter breaks down some prominent market bubbles that occurred prior to the year 2000 such as Tulip Mania (1673), the South Sea Bubble (1720), the Wall Street Crash (1929) and the Asian Crisis (1997).

    Peter Eisenhardt10:48

  • Market Bubbles After 2000

    Peter continues to discuss prominent market bubbles in history. In this video, he focuses on post-2000 market bubbles including the Dotcom Bubble (2000), the Global Financial Crisis (2008-2009), the Chinese Stock Market Crash (2015/2016) and Bitcoin.

    Peter Eisenhardt07:11

  • How do you Spot a Market Bubble?

    In this final video of the series, Peter states three steps to identify a potential market bubble. Once identified, he describes four options on what to do.

    Peter Eisenhardt04:49

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