Wealth Inequality & Social Finance

Everyone has been affected by COVID-19, but not everyone has been affected equally. In fact, this inequality is starker than most realise. In this pathway, Adrian Pabst will guide you through how regions have been hit differently in the pandemic, the rising levels of destitution, and how the country can recover and learn from our mistakes.

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5 videos • 42 minutes

  • Social Impact Investment & Social Lending Introduction

    Stuart provides an introduction to social investment and explains what social investment is, the difference between loans and grants and how charities sustain loans and credit.

    Stuart Sweeney15:29

  • Measuring Social Impact & a Social Impact Fund Case Study

    In the second part of Stuart's introduction to social investment, he covers the different types of social investor and the approaches to measuring social impact.

    Stuart Sweeney14:56

  • UK Regional Inequality

    The purpose of this video is to show how unequal the UK is as a whole, being one of the most economically unbalanced countries out of the OECD’s 38 advanced economies. We will also see what this actually means in practice when it comes to the likes of income, education, health and life expectancy.

    Adrian Pabst06:47

  • Mitigating UK Regional Inequality

    In the second video on regional inequalities in the United Kingdom, we discussed how the UK has become so unequal and what is being done to tackle the inequality.

    Adrian Pabst09:20

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