Treasury Products - Part II

This is the second of a two-part pathway on the different products used within a treasury department.




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10 videos • 2 hours 1 minute

  • Key Benchmark Curves in Capital Markets

    In his first video on benchmark curves, Nigel begins by explaining the benchmark curves which are used in global debt markets. Each benchmark curve is the foundation for bond pricing in its relevant market. This video will shed light on the ‘US treasury benchmark curve’, ‘Euro benchmark swap rate curve’ and the ‘Sterling benchmark gilt curve’.

    Nigel Owen10:33

  • Pricing Euro Bonds

    In this second part of the series, Nigel explains how to price a Euro denominated bond for the theoretical issuer, XYZ Corporation, using the building blocks outlined in the previous video. In this example, XYZ issues an eight-year bond.

    Nigel Owen07:52

  • Pricing US Dollar Bonds

    Buyers and sellers of new bonds need to agree on a price at which to transact. In this series of videos, Nigel describes the new issue process that brings together all the components of pricing a bond, and surrounding conventions which are applied in the various different bond markets. In this first video of the series, Nigel outlines the various components considered when pricing a bond before specifically detailing how to price US Dollar bond.    

    Nigel Owen12:01

  • Pricing Sterling Bonds

    In this third part of the series of how to price a bond, Nigel outlines the process of pricing a Sterling denominated bond for the theoretical issuer, XYZ Corporation, using the building blocks outlined in the introductory video. In this example, XYZ has chosen to issue a 30-year bond.

    Nigel Owen08:22

  • Introduction to Interest Rate Swaps and Use Cases

    David provides an overview of interest rate swaps - what they are, why they are used, typical parties involved and key components of the derivative.

    David Leeming17:58

  • Interest Rate Basics

    In this video, Abdulla covers the basic interest rates we are likely to encounter and uses a spreadsheet example.

    Abdulla Javeri07:58

  • Key Concepts in International Electronic Payments

    Pat discusses the fundamentals of international payments: payment schemes, self clearing and cross border payments.

    Pat Curran13:27

  • Introduction to FX Markets I

    In this video, Kees discusses the Foreign Exchange (FX) market and the importance of understanding Money Markets. He goes into detail on the popularity and volume of currencies traded in the FX market.

    Kees van den Aarssen17:33

  • Introduction to FX Markets II

    In the second instalment of FX, Kees discusses Code of Conduct and the rules around transaction Value Dates.

    Kees van den Aarssen12:02

  • Introduction to Options, Pricing and Use Cases

    Peter provides an overview of the basic methodology behind pricing options.

    Peter Eisenhardt13:18

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