Banking Essentials - Part I

This pathway will walk us through the basics of banks, starting with some of the different types and their main functions, then starting to look at the regulation faced by the banks, both before and after the Global Financial Crisis.

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7 video modules • 2 hours 29 minutes

  • What is a Bank?

    Rob describes the fundamental activities of a bank, builds a theoretical bank balance sheet and shows how liquidity and capital perform their vital functions.

    Robert Ellison01:10:55

  • What is an Investment Bank?

    An investment bank is defined by what it does. In this video, Bill discusses leading investment banks, how they operate and how they were regulated prior to the 2008 financial crisis.

    Bill Gallagher09:29

  • Distinct Areas of Investment Banking

    In the second part of Bill's video on investment banks, he explains some of the functions the bank performs, including capital raising, sales and trading, and financial advisory.

    Bill Gallagher12:00

  • What are National Champion Banks?

    James chronicles what national champion banks are, their origin and some of the positives of domestic banking consolidation. The term is seen as a return to a “home-country first” approach.

    James Eves04:37

  • Introduction to Banking Regulation

    Regulation is always changing. In this video, Peter explains the evolution of bank regulation and how it will change in the future.

  • The History of Bank Capital Requirements

    Tim outlines the changes that have been made to capital requirements for the financial institutions, starting with the publication of the Basel Capital Accord in 1988.

    Tim Skeet18:02

  • Bank Capital Post 2008 Financial Crisis

    In this video, January examines the new regime for bank solvency subsequent to the financial crisis of 2008, taking a closer look at the ever evolving regulatory landscape for bank capital and hybrid instruments.

    January Carmalt11:16

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