Banking Essentials - Part II

In the previous pathway we introduced some of the different types of banks and the regulation that banks have to follow. Here we will expand on those areas now looking at how banks operate whilst also following the stringent regulations.




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9 videos • 1 hour 25 minutes

  • Balance Sheet Walk-through

    In this video, Rob walks us through Lloyds Banking Group's balance sheet. He explains the components of the financial statement and explains where they sit within the bank's assets and liabilities. He delves more deeply into the concepts discussed in 'What is a bank?' and puts some real-world figures around them.

    Robert Ellison20:13

  • How Banks Create Money

    Tim explains how banks and their customers interact in the "creation" of money, and provides an overview of the banking system and its limitations.

    Tim Skeet15:43

  • Self-Funding the Bank Balance Sheet

    The basic business of banking involves advancing loans to customers and accepting deposits from customers. Moorad covers the basic concept of bank self-funding, which is underpinned by the fundamental premise that a bank must actually fund itself, not print money, in order to lend.

    Moorad Choudhry03:26

  • What is Maturity Transformation?

    In this video, Moorad introduces the concept of maturity transformation before moving onto how to understand, use and analyse the yield curve.

    Moorad Choudhry25:09

  • Bank Capital and Liquidity

    Tim explains the difference between Bank Capital and Bank Liquidity - a critical distinction that is all too often misunderstood.

    Tim Skeet14:31

  • What is the Liquidity Coverage Ratio?

    In this video January breaks down the Liquidity Coverage Ratio and explains its importance with a Northern Rock case study.

    January Carmalt18:12

  • What is Leverage?

    In this video, Rob discusses what leverage is, when leveraged investments are used and provides real world examples of these levered investments.

    Robert Ellison17:10

  • What is the Loan:Deposit Ratio?

    Join Tim as he explains the advantages and disadvantages of the Loan:Deposit ratio. He explores how the ratio is calculated, used and also some of the limitations of using it.

    Tim Skeet13:10

  • Loan:Deposit Ratio Illustration

    Tim builds on his introduction 'The Loan:Deposit ratio Explained' by considering the ratios of banks in different jurisdictions and providing possible explanations as to why these ratios vary so greatly.

    Tim Skeet06:31

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