Blockchain & Crypto Essentials

This pathway will cover blockchain, what it is, how it is useful and the potential applications of it in finance and commerce, including trade finance, supply chains as well as the most well-known application, as a medium of exchange via cryptocurrencies.

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10 videos • 1 hour 34 minutes

  • Introduction to Blockchain

    Bankers and non-bankers alike have become familiar with the terms cryptocurrencies and distributed ledgers. In this video, Igor explains some key concepts relating to blockchain including what it is, the difference between centralised and decentralised blockchains and smart contracts.

    Igor Pejic11:48

  • Introduction to Cryptocurrencies

    While Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, it is not the only one. Igor outlines other major cryptocurrencies including Ethereum and Ripple, before commenting on the regulation of these types of currencies.

    Igor Pejic10:51

  • Use Cases of Blockchain in Finance

    The blockchain today seems to be a panacea, the solution to every industry’s trust problem. Igor expands on this idea and discusses seven areas that will be the drivers of operational savings.

    Igor Pejic08:33

  • Blockchain Security

    The blockchain is often hailed for its immaculate security, its immutability, and the protection of its users’ identities. To uncover the true level of security, Igor discusses the mechanism itself, transaction validation and other criticisms.

    Igor Pejic09:41

  • Benefits of Blockchain

    Blockchain is an amazing new technology that is going to change the world just like barcodes did back in the 70s. In this first video of the series, Brian will explain the history of barcodes in trade and discuss how blockchains will enhance these existing barcode systems.

    Brian Marcel08:57

  • Limitations of Blockchain and the IOTA Tangle

    The Tangle is an alternative type of distributed ledger technology; it is a Directional Acyclic Graph (DAG). Here, Brian covers the limitations of Blockchain and provides solutions offered by the Tangle.

    Brian Marcel07:02

  • Real World Use Cases of the IOTA Tangle

    In the final video on Brian's series about the Blockchain alternative, the Tangle, he explores some typical real-world uses for this alternative form of distributed ledger technology, including preventing counterfeit goods and improving the supply chain.

    Brian Marcel11:20

  • Introduction to Blockchain in Trade Finance

    Blockchain can be applicable to solving real world problems, specifically in trade finance. In the first part of this two part series, Andrew provides an introduction to blockchain in trade finance and explains how it can be used to address certain challenges.

    Andrew English09:03

  • Blockchain in Trade Finance Illustration

    In this second part of the series, Andrew explains how platforms attempt to solve the challenges faced by trade finance and comments on the safety of these.

    Andrew English08:52

  • Sustainable Finance Supply Chains using Blockchain

    Shona references case studies to disclose the sustainability issues regarding modern supply chains and offers the application of blockchain as a potential solution.

    Shona Tatchell08:07

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