Debt Capital Markets - Part II

This is the second pathway on debt capital markets. Previously we looked at the basics of DCM, introducing and outlining the fundamental aspects of the debt markets. In this pathway, we will be introduced to more advanced topics such as the bond issuance process and the different types of debt issuers.




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15 videos • 2 hours 2 minutes

  • Bond Names Around the World

    Bonds are a serious business, but there is a lighter side to the market which can be seen in the names given to bonds issued in certain jurisdictions under certain conditions. In this video, Nigel runs us through different types of bonds that are named after food, animals, people and plants.

    Nigel Owen10:31

  • Bond Bookbuilding Pre-launch

    While bond pricing has different processes and conventions in individual markets, the bookbuilding process is much more universal. Nigel begins to explain this process by outlining the purpose of bookbuilding and the role of the syndicate bankers once the mandate is received.

    Nigel Owen07:06

  • Bond Bookbuilding Post-launch

    In this video, Nigel explains the last two stages of the bond bookbuilding process: deal day and allocation.

    Nigel Owen09:57

  • Bond Issuance Types

    The US have most liquid bond markets in the world. Once an issuer has decided to issue in the US, there are several options they can consider based on a number of factors. Keith outlines these options by discussing the various ways in which a company can choose to issue a bond; by registering with the SEC, or not.

    Keith Mullin12:34

  • The Sterling Bond Market

    David outlines what a bond is, before describing the Sterling bond market, its investors and its impact on the broader economy.

    David Carmalt09:58

  • US Private Placement I

    In the first of this two-part series on US Private Placements, Tim defines USPPs and gives an overview of the market, before explaining why they are so appealing to certain investors.

    Tim Hall16:26

  • US Private Placements II

    Tim delves deeper into the private placements, including their issuance process and the recently-evolving European market.

    Tim Hall13:17

  • Pricing US Dollar Bonds

    Buyers and sellers of new bonds need to agree on a price at which to transact. In this series of videos, Nigel describes the new issue process that brings together all the components of pricing a bond, and surrounding conventions which are applied in the various different bond markets. In this first video of the series, Nigel outlines the various components considered when pricing a bond before specifically detailing how to price US Dollar bond.    

    Nigel Owen12:01

  • Pricing Euro Bonds

    In this second part of the series, Nigel explains how to price a Euro denominated bond for the theoretical issuer, XYZ Corporation, using the building blocks outlined in the previous video. In this example, XYZ issues an eight-year bond.

    Nigel Owen07:52

  • Pricing Sterling Bonds

    In this third part of the series of how to price a bond, Nigel outlines the process of pricing a Sterling denominated bond for the theoretical issuer, XYZ Corporation, using the building blocks outlined in the introductory video. In this example, XYZ has chosen to issue a 30-year bond.

    Nigel Owen08:22

  • What is Sovereign, Supranational and Agency Debt (SSA)

    A number of supranational entities, owned by several sovereign governments, issue debt in the capital markets to finance their activities. In this short video, Tim explains the Sovereigns, Supranational and Agency (SSA) segment in relation to the debt capital markets.

    Tim Skeet01:15

  • What is the US Municipal Bond Market?

    Tim provides a brief overview of muni bonds: who issues them, why investors choose to invest in them, and how these differ to revenue bonds.

    Tim Skeet02:15

  • Who are Agency Borrowers?

    There is a large array of agency borrowers, many of which are active borrowers in the capital markets. In this short video, Tim discusses these agency borrowers and provides some examples.

    Tim Skeet01:05

  • Introduction to Bail-in

    Tim examines the response to the financial crisis of 2008, including how regulation has changed to help prevent banks from reaching similar levels of capital inadequacy.

    Tim Skeet15:50

  • What is a Greenshoe Option?

    During an IPO, greenshoe options give underwriters the facility to acquire more shares to try and stabilise the stock price after initial trading. Tim explains the details around how these work and why they are necessary.

    Tim Skeet04:28

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