Derivatives Fundamentals - Part II

This is the second pathway on a two-part pathway on derivatives. In this pathway, Lindsey will walk us through the different types of derivatives that are available in the market whilst also providing some useful exercises to test our understanding.

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6 videos • 1 hour 3 minutes

  • Introduction to Futures and Forwards

    “Derivatives” is a catch all term for a wide range financial products. In this series, Lindsey will cover what forwards and futures are and how to price a forward trade.

    Lindsey Matthews10:53

  • Forwards vs Options

    Now that Lindsey has given an overview of forwards and futures, he will explain how they are traded by discussing the differences between an OTC contract and an ETD, the difference between a cash and physical settlement and cover how to price a forward trade.

    Lindsey Matthews09:04

  • Introduction to Options

    In this video, on derivatives, Lindsey explains short options positions, four simple break-even graphs, the concept of asymmetry and a straddle trade.

    Lindsey Matthews15:40

  • Options Pricing Drivers

    In the fourth video of his series ‘Derivatives Unlocked’ – Lindsey highlights how Option valuation depends on various inputs, including the price of the underlying, the volatility of the underlying, and others.

    Lindsey Matthews08:14

  • Put-Call (Options) Parity

    In this video, Lindsey walks us through a basic option valuation technique that all market participants should know.

    Lindsey Matthews11:57

  • Synthetic Forward using Options

    In the previous video on his series on "Derivatives Unlocked", Lindsey explained us the valuation relationship – relating together calls and puts at the same strike and showing that we only need to think about valuation and risk of the out of the money option.  In this video we can see the same effects by looking at breakeven graphs.

    Lindsey Matthews07:12

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