Digital & Open Banking

Digital banking is the digitisation of activities undertaken by banks, for the benefit of their customers. A major initiative under this broad topic is open banking, which allows consumers to streamline and consolidate their disparate financial transactions. This pathway covers both of these topics.

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9 videos • 1 hour

  • The Changing Role of Cash in the Economy

    The British public is using cash less, preferring to take advantage of new digital payment methods. In this video, Sir Mark Boleat explains trends in the use of cash and analyses issues arising from the move towards a cashless society.

    Sir Mark Boleat10:53

  • Cash in Circulation and the Circulation of Cash

    As a supplement to his video "The Changing Role of Cash in the Economy", Sir Mark Boleat explains why cash in circulation has been increasing, despite the declining use of it.

    Sir Mark Boleat04:05

  • Digital Banking Introduction

    In this video, Duena explains digital banking: what it is, how it developed and where it is heading.

    Duena Blomstrom13:00

  • Digital Banking

    Digital banking is a part of the wider context in which banking services are provided through the Internet. Join Ritu as she gives us an overview of Digital Banking and how it has become a huge part of banking industry.

    Ritu Sehgal03:08

  • Open Banking Introduction

    Gilad explains Open Banking - what it is, what is its purpose and which initiatives are likely to be seen in the future.

    Gilad Amir02:21

  • Open Banking

    Open banking refers to the idea that customers have a right to see, and utilise their entire portfolio of account information across all financial institutions with whom they have a relationship. In this video Ritu gives us an overview of Open banking and further highlights the expected practical implications of open banking for the customer.

    Ritu Sehgal04:20

  • Open Banking : An aerial view

    Duena gives an introduction to open banking. She explains what it aims to solve, how it is implemented and how it is regulated.

    Duena Blomstrom09:30

  • Open Banking: A closer look

    The Open Banking initiative was launched to help level the advantage that established banks have over challenger banks in terms of the amount of customer data they hold. Jonny explains how Open Banking intends to solve this problem by providing examples with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises.

    Jonny Hawkins07:47

  • Service-Focused Banking

    Emotional Banking™ is the concept around the fact that banks ought to think of the consumers’ feelings about their money. In this video, Duena discusses Emotional Banking as a change program used to transform banking culture in a way that will see them deeply invested in becoming a brand that will be able to understand the feelings of its consumers.

    Duena Blomstrom12:30

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