Economic Fundamentals

This pathway covers some of the key concepts in economics, including quantitative easing, business cycles, yield curves, behaviour and logic.

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7 videos • 1 hour 10 minutes

  • Introduction to Economic Indicators

    Trevor shares his thoughts on some key economic indicators. He analyses what each indicator tells us about the economy and how they all interact.

    Trevor Williams07:56

  • Introduction to Monetary Policy

    Kevin provides his views on the the recent action by central banks surrounding their quantitative easing programmes: whether they are sustainable and their effects on capital markets of the policy normalisation.

    Kevin Gardiner13:49

  • Business Cycles and the Yield Curve

    In this video, Kent covers the various yield curve shapes and how these can be explained. Kent also explains the bank rate, and how changes in this can affect the economy.

    Kent Matthews11:08

  • What is Economics?

    Kent dives into how economics can be used to explain our choices and decision making processes, including how criminals utilise economics when deciding between risk and reward.

    Kent Matthews14:35

  • What is Behavioural Economics?

    Understanding human behaviour is the key to better understanding outcomes and predictability. Peter provides an introduction to behavioural economics by discussing its importance, its focus, and how regulatory bodies utilise this relatively new area of study.

    Peter Eisenhardt16:00

  • What is the Sovereign Bank Doom Loop?

    The sovereign bank doom loop has been one of the most discussed, analysed and researched topics since the Global Financial Crisis. In this second video of the series, Keith explains what is the sovereign bank doom loop, its impact, and what regulators are doing to try to mitigate this risk.

    Keith Mullin05:39

  • What is Risk-Free Debt?

    In this last video of the series, Keith explains how currency volatility can impact so-called risk-free investments.

    Keith Mullin01:26

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