Equity Capital Markets - Part I

Equity capital markets are one of the largest financial markets in the world, receiving constant media attention. This pathway will outline what equity is, before introducing the equity capital markets, discussing the various products available for issuers and investors.




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8 videos • 1 hour 29 minutes

  • What is Equity?

    ‘Equity’ has many meanings. In this discussion, James focuses on the most common financial market reference. In this video, James explains what shares and shareholders are, and how a shareholder can trade shares.

    James Eves06:01

  • Valuing and Investing in Equity

    In this second part of James's video on "What is Equity?", he continues to demystify equity-related concepts by explaining how the value of a share is determined and who the market participants are.

    James Eves07:36

  • Introduction to Equity Options

    After providing a basis to understanding equity, James outlines some more advanced concepts including share options, short selling and the ways of raising equity capital.

    James Eves10:10

  • Introduction to IPOs

    James discusses what an IPO is, why firms issue them and the process of doing so.

    James Eves13:15

  • Equity Dilution, Pre-Emption and Underwriting

    With a focus on the UK market, Rupert explains the main equity capital raising options that are available to companies that are listed. In this video he also explains key concepts which are frequently used in the equity capital markets.

    Rupert Walford04:56

  • Equity Placements, Open Offers and Rights Issues

    In the second video of his series Rupert explains the main equity capital raising options that are available to listed companies. He outlines what a ‘Placing’ is, who can participate in them, alongside their main advantages and disadvantages. In the final chapter Rupert unravels what an open offer is, the period it is open for and when it is typically used. 

    Rupert Walford13:36

  • Rights Issue Illustration

    A rights issue is an offer of shares made via the issue of rights to subscribe for new shares to existing shareholders at a fixed subscription price. In this video Rupert gives us a closer look at what a rights issue can mean from the point of view of a shareholder.

    Rupert Walford15:29

  • What are Preference Shares?

    Preference shares were initially a form of ‘temporary rescue' capital used by companies in distress. Today, however, preference share capital is used far more broadly and represents a stable form and source of capital. Prasad explains how preference shares are issued, the different types that exist and how they are priced.

    Prasad Gollakota18:33

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