Equity Options Strategies

As the sands of Equity Trading continue to shift, this pathway will ensure you are on top of the fundamentals. Beginning at the basic forms of stock options, you'll learn how to merge them to create various payoffs as well as their most popular business applications. You'll understand the main factors that determine the value of an equity option and the types of trading strategies that use combinations of options.

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7 videos • 1 hour 42 minutes

  • Introduction to Equity Indices

    Join Imran as he explains what equity indices are, the different types, why people use them, and some of the most popular products that are traded on them.

    Imran Lakha09:39

  • Introduction to Equity Options

    In the first video of his series, Imran explains the two basic forms of stock options i.e. CALLS and PUTS along with  how you can merge them to create a whole bunch of various payoffs. He has also addressed their most popular business applications and the motivations that influence their supply and demand.

    Imran Lakha08:10

  • Equity Options Valuation

    In this video Imran discusses about the main factors that determine the value of an equity option. He also addresses the Greeks which help us to define key sensitivities to the various factors. Finally, he will show how the value of an option can be broken down into its INTRINSIC and TIME value components.

    Imran Lakha10:22

  • Equity Options Trading Strategies

    There are three types of trading strategies that use combinations of options. These are volatility strategies, spreads and ratios, and hedging structures. Join Imran as he dives deeper into each strategy and their various applications.

    Imran Lakha07:06

  • Equity Options Greeks

    In this video, Imran explains the main options Greek in detail. He further explains the concept of gamma trading and how volatility traders delta hedge their options positions to trade volatility agnostic to market direction.  He also gives us an overview of how the greek profile of a vanilla option changes as we move through strike price and also as we pass through time.

    Imran Lakha18:31

  • Equity Options Vega and Implied Volatility

    In this video, Imran explains the meaning of implied volatility and how we can use the BS model to extract it from market option prices. He further discusses how vega is the greek exposure that an options price has to this implied volatility level and finishes with describing structure of volatility and how it can be used to derive forward volatility.

    Imran Lakha13:27

  • Volatility Skew in Equity Options Markets

    In this video, Imran explains an important concept in equity volatility trading known as SKEW. He further talks about the main reasons of it's existence in equity markets and how combining skew and term structure allows us to construct the 3D volatility surface. Finally, he introduces the concept of dynamic Greeks, which are often the consequence of a large skew position.

    Imran Lakha19:04

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