Fintech Essentials

Financial technology (fintech) sits at the heart of improving the way customers interact with their finances and the banking system as a whole. This pathway will introduce the basics of fintech and delve into blockchain, from cryptocurrencies to the uses of distributed ledger technology (DLT). It will also touch on some more advanced aspects of fintech such as robo-advisors and algorithmic trading.

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10 videos • 1 hour 22 minutes

  • Introduction to Fintech

    Nir explains the origin of Fintech as a regulation aid and outlines some example applications in risk management.

    Nir Vulkan09:34

  • Introduction to Blockchain Technology

    Catherine explains blockchain and distributed ledger technology. In this video, she describes how these technologies apply to central bank digital currency, protocol and privacy.

    Catherine Thomas07:09

  • Introduction to Bitcoin

    Catherine provides an introduction to bitcoin - what bitcoin is, how it relates to blockchain, and how it has been perceived.

    Catherine Thomas02:01

  • Cryptocurrency Jargon Buster

    Catherine clarifies often misused and misunderstood terms relating to cryptocurrencies.

    Catherine Thomas05:17

  • Introduction to Algorithmic Trading

    Nir introduces algorithmic trading by answering the following questions: What is algorithmic trading? How do you develop an algorithmic trading model? What is the future of algorithmic trading?

    Nir Vulkan09:05

  • Introduction to Robo Advisors

    Robo advisors help retail clients invest using technology. Previously, most of these investors were left to their own devices when making important investment decisions. Adam discusses the benefits of robo advisors and explains where they came from and what the future looks like.

    Adam French13:15

  • Fintech Disruption in the Payments Landscape

    Fintech is becoming increasingly important in the sphere of payments. Michael explains how technology can increase competition and make the market more efficient for consumers.

    Michael Bond11:46

  • Access to Payment Schemes for Fintechs

    Since 2017 the Bank of England has provided a framework for non-bank payment service providers to access all UK domestic payment schemes. In this video, Michael outlines the route for Fintechs to get access to payment schemes.

    Michael Bond08:51

  • A Closer Look at Digital Banking

    In this video, Duena explains digital banking: what it is, how it developed and where it is heading.

    Duena Blomstrom13:00

  • What is Open Banking?

    Gilad explains Open Banking - what it is, what is its purpose and which initiatives are likely to be seen in the future.

    Gilad Amir02:21

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