Fixed Income Essentials

Join Lindsey to gain a thorough understanding of Fixed Income Instruments from a top market professional.

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9 videos • 1 hour 54 minutes

  • Bonds and Bond Yields

    Lindsey begins his series by explaining what a bond is, why people invest in them and the factors you should consider when investing.

    Lindsey Matthews13:29

  • Money Market Investments

    Lindsey continues his series by explaining money market funds. He covers some of the risks involved in investing in a money market fund and some of the aspects investors consider when assessing these risks.

    Lindsey Matthews13:03

  • Bond Duration and the Price Value of a Basis Point (PVBP)

    In this video, Lindsey covers the investment strategies in bonds and shows the risks and potential returns on these investments.

    Lindsey Matthews10:10

  • Risks Inherent in Bonds

    Many bond market commentators will use duration as a key measure of the risk of a bond, however, there are plenty of other risks that bond investors are taking on. Lindsey outlines some of these risks, including credit and liquidity risk.

    Lindsey Matthews10:13

  • Managing Bond Price Volatility

    Investors in bonds need to understand using yield as measure of potential returns, as part of managing the risks taken in a bond portfolio, in order generate a return. Lindsey will now build on that understanding to apply what you have learnt in the previous series to bond investments.

    Lindsey Matthews19:55

  • Yield Curves in the Bond Market

    Generally yield curves are built for a specific currency and for a specific issuer. In this video, Lindsey discusses LIBOR curves, the technical details behind building a curve and how this information applies to real curves.

    Lindsey Matthews17:19

  • Floating Rate Notes

    In this video, Lindsey moves away from explaining fixed rate investments and discusses floating rate notes, or FRNs, which issues a coupon based on a moving interest rate.

    Lindsey Matthews06:10

  • The Role of Interest Rate Swaps in the Bond Market

    In the final video of the series, Lindsey explains interest rate swaps in various examples including as a series of forwards, as bonds and as FRNs.

    Lindsey Matthews15:09

  • Discounting Cash Flow Exercises

    In this video, Lindsey will run through 4 questions related to the topics he has discussed in the fixed income unlocked series.

    Lindsey Matthews08:45

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