Governance outlines the rules, practices and processes through which a company operates and is controlled. In this pathway Karina and Hans-Kristian outline key governance practices and risks to be aware of so a corporate can run effectively. They also discuss ESG as a whole and how it will have implications for the internal governance of an organisation.

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5 videos • 56 minutes

  • The Emergence of 'S' as a Governance Topic

    In this video, Karina talks about the emergence of ‘S’ or the ‘social’ component in the commonly used ESG acronym and how it has become central to governance and stewardship.

    Karina Robinson09:02

  • Future Proofing 'S' as a Governance Topic

    In this video, Karina reinforces the importance of the "social" component of ESG. Having founded her own board search and CEO advisory firm, she outlines the value of having a diverse board and her recommendations on how to have a successful board during uncertain times.

    Karina Robinson09:30

  • Embedding ESG for Strategic Success

    The focus of this video is specifically on environmental, social and governance considerations and how the "old" approach to ESG can be addressed. This video will outline why telling an 'ESG' story to clients and investors is no longer sufficient.  Hans explains how we can embed ESG into both risk and strategy processes to ensure that we manage the risk of not meeting expectations.  

    Hans-Kristian Bryn12:07

  • Disruptive Risks

    Businesses are affected by disruptive risks whether they are aware of it or not. In this video, Han's focuses on the concept of disruption and disruptive risks, along with the various approaches to addressing them. He further talks us through the processes to a better understanding of disruption and finishes by explaining the Governance implications of insufficient risk management.

    Hans-Kristian Bryn13:00

  • Governance for Corporates

    The entire Governance agenda involves balancing compliance with rules & regulations, and making the Governance structures value adding both from a shareholder as well as wider stakeholder perspective. In the fifth video on this series, Hans will talk in more detail about the Board and its key sub-committees and their oversight role in relation to risk management.

    Hans-Kristian Bryn13:08

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