ESG Essentials

One of the key themes in finance today is sustainable finance. This refers to any form of financial service integrating ESG criteria into the business or investment decisions for the lasting benefit of society at large. Understanding the essentials of ESG is critical for both businesses and individuals. Join our experts in this pathway, as they cover different aspects within the ESG umbrella and discuss important and emerging themes.

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15 video modules • 2 hours 52 minutes

  • Introduction to Climate Change

    Understanding the science of climate change is vital for understanding the future of finance. In this video, Simon gives an introduction to the science behind climate change and outlines the current political, scientific, and financial situations relating to this phenomenon. 

    Simon Thompson12:14

  • Introduction to Climate Risk Management

    The 2020 World Economic Forum Global Risks Report ranks climate change as the key risk faced by business, finance, and society over the next 10 years. In this video, Simon focuses on the risks and how to identify and manage them.

    Simon Thompson14:04

  • The Physical Risks of Climate Change

    In this video, Amit explores the impact of the physical damage of climate change on the macroeconomic economy and stresses the importance of intervening with the correct policy response. Without this, the impact of climate change will spread and intensify.

    Amit Kara12:30

  • Why Our Oceans Matter

    The ocean is big, blue and invaluable. If it was a country it would have the largest economy in the world - and we’ve only managed to explore 5% of it. Unfortunately, this is all at risk from human activity. Join Vincent Kneefel in this introductory video, as he explores the importance of the ocean to livelihoods and the meaning of the blue economy.

    Vincent Kneefel10:10

  • Introduction to Natural Capital and Biodiversity

    In this video, James introduces the five key questions that must be considered when exploring natural capital. He defines what natural capital is, why it is important and what implications the decline of natural capital is already having and will have in the near future. He delves into why natural capital is currently misvalued and finally, what we can do to move to a more nature positive economy.

    James Clifton11:51

  • Introduction to Carbon Offsetting

    In this video, Oliver outlines why nature-based solutions could combat emissions produced by institutions slowly transitioning to net-zero. Oliver also discusses why offsets will need to eventually include mechanisms that remove carbon from the atmosphere and why it is vital that institutions invest in nature now. He further explores the broadening scope of nature-based solutions and gives examples of how these alternative solutions can be very beneficial to the environment.

    Oliver Bolton11:59

  • The Emergence of 'S' as a Governance Topic

    In this video, Karina talks about the emergence of ‘S’ or the ‘social’ component in the commonly used ESG acronym and how it has become central to governance and stewardship.

    Karina Robinson09:02

  • What is Greenwashing?

    In the first video of this series, Keith begins by introducing Greenwashing and some examples of how some companies could potentially be seen as greenwashing. He also talks about some of the regulatory moves around data disclosure that investors and other stakeholders are calling for.    

    Keith Mullin10:39

  • Global Sustainable Finance Initiatives I

    The finance sector is given a leading role in tackling climate change and the transition to a green and sustainable, low-carbon world. In this video Simon explains how the transition requires cooperation and interaction between many of the key institutions and policy, regulatory and market initiatives active in green and sustainable finance.

    Simon Thompson11:26

  • Designing a Sustainability Strategy in Financial Services

    In the previous video of this two-part video series, Elisa talked about sustainability and the most important trends in the industry. In this video, she explores how to successfully design and execute a sustainability strategy.

    Elisa Moscolin08:26

  • Green Bond Markets Background

    In this video, Stephanie talks about the background of sustainable finance, key milestones and the relationship between environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) risks and financial risks.

  • The Drivers of Widespread Renewable Energy Adoption

    The oil price shocks of the mid-1970s caused the developed economies to investigate renewable energy based alternatives to fossil fuels. In this video, Colin explains the factors that triggered the rise of renewable energy and enabled its growth. He further describes how the costs of renewable power have changed over time and the technologies required to enable the widespread adoption of renewable energy generation.

    Colin Palmer14:02

  • Diversity and Inclusion in Financial Services

    In this two-part series, Nisrin shares her insight into diversity and inclusion in the workplace, with a particular focus on the financial services industry in the UK. She also talks us through her experience as a woman in the banking sector, as gender equality, or the lack thereof, is a key issue among many others when it comes to matters of diversity and inclusion.

  • Why Impact?

    The world wants to support investment that achieves a positive impact. We're at the critical historic juncture where we all have to push together to achieve this impact transparency. Join Sir Ronald Cohen as he explains what Impact investment is and the key reasons why the world is moving in the direction of assessing impact.

  • Social Impact Investment & Social Lending Introduction

    Social investment is the use of money to achieve both a social and financial return. In this video, Stuart provides an introduction to social investment, explaining what it is, the difference between loans and grants and how charities sustain loans.

    Stuart Sweeney15:29

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