Hedge Funds

The hedge fund industry has experienced exceptional levels of growth in the past two decades and has become the subject of fascination due to some major successes, as well as some highly-publicised failures. This pathway provides crucial insights into the hedge fund industry, from its history and background through to how to set up a hedge fund. Trevor Pugh masterfully navigates through introducing the key elements of a fund to the strategies that hedge fund managers pursue to varying degrees of success.

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10 videos • 1 hour 35 minutes

  • Introduction to Hedge Funds

    In the first video of this introductory series on Hedge Funds, Trevor identifies the factors associated with a hedge fund - its use of short selling and leverage. And then provides a brief history along with the market today.

    Trevor Pugh06:10

  • Hedge Fund Investors and HIstorical Performance

    In the second video of this series, Trevor identifies who invests in hedge funds, and the key requirements investors use when assessing investment decisions. He then moves on to the performance of hedge funds over the last three decades.

    Trevor Pugh06:15

  • How is a Hedge Fund Set Up?

    To conclude this series, Trevor explains the setup of a Hedge Fund. This includes the Master & Feeder funds, Prime Brokers, along with all the other associated parties. Such as the administrators and regulators, all with important roles.

    Trevor Pugh04:39

  • Key Roles in a Hedge Fund

    Hedge funds can vary considerably in size, from funds that run as little as ten to twenty million dollars up to the world’s largest hedge funds running over one hundred billion dollars. In this video, Trevor explains us in detail the role of C-suite executives which includes "CEO", "CIO", "COO", "CRO" and "CTO" and further talks about the role of  "Portfolio Managers", "Analysts",  and "Quants" in a hedge fund.

    Trevor Pugh12:55

  • Hedge Funds as an Asset Class

    Hedge funds occupy an important place in the asset class spectrum. Unlike traditional asset classes they have the ability to add returns regardless of market direction. This video by Trevor Pugh is a brief introduction to hedge funds, wherein he highlights the important characteristics of hedge funds and also talks about some of its distinguishing features.

    Trevor Pugh14:59

  • Classic Hedge Fund Trading Strategies I

    In this video, Trevor gives a detailed explanation of various types of strategies employed by a hedge fund. He further takes us through the real-life examples of some of the more famous trades that have taken place over the years.

    Trevor Pugh10:07

  • Classic Hedge Fund Trading Strategies II

    Hedge fund strategies vary greatly from fund to fund, and for an investor, choosing the right fund is no less difficult a task than picking individual stocks. In the first video of this two-part series Trevor covered equity, macro and high-frequency trading strategies. In this video he continues explaining the remaining hedge fund strategies, i.e. "CTA", "Event-Driven Strategy", "Credit Strategy" and "Niche Strategy".

    Trevor Pugh11:44

  • The Rise and Fall of Archegos Capital Management I

    In this video, Trevor explains the origins and the rise of Bill Hwang, a former tiger cub and the fund manager of Archegos. He also introduces the trading strategy used by Archegos that ultimately led to their demise.

    Trevor Pugh10:05

  • The Rise and Fall of Archegos Capital Management II

    In this second video, Trevor covers the role of prime brokers and financing process of Archegos. Trevor also elaborates on the factors that led to the quick collapse of Archegos in March 2021 which ultimately cost billions in losses to global banks.

    Trevor Pugh12:54

  • GameStop and Melvin Capital

    In this video, Trevor gives us an example of GameStop, a US based video game retailer which is a classic example of hedge fund short selling going wrong occurred early in 2021.

    Trevor Pugh05:39

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