Invoice Finance Introduction

Invoice Finance is a term that describes how corporates who want to unlock cash flow from receivables can turn to banks and other financial institutions. Follow this pathway to fund out how this works.




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4 videos • 25 minutes

  • Introduction to Alternative Finance for SMEs

    For many years the choice of lenders was limited to the large banks. Although, in the last decade, there has been a growth of alternatives finance options for SMEs. Jonny explains short-term business loans, P2P, business cash advances and invoice financing as alternative finance options, and covers the benefits and players of each.

    Jonny Hawkins09:24

  • Introduction to Invoice Finance

    Invoice finance is a collective term for the various types of receivable-based lending whereby a company uses their invoices as the principal security and collateral for funding. Mark expands on invoice finance and covers who is involved in the structure, why it exists and how it works.

    Mark Thompson08:41

  • Types of Invoice Finance Facilities

    There are various structures within invoice finance, all using the receivables as the foundation of the funding and security. In this video, Mark discusses some of these structures, including confidential invoice discounting, factoring, and asset-based lending.

    Mark Thompson03:22

  • Invoice Finance Jargon Buster

    There is a wide range of terms associated with invoice finance. In this Q&A video, Mark clarifies some of this jargon, such as aged reports, concentration limit, debt purchase agreement and trust account.

    Mark Thompson03:46

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