How do you motivate and inspire your staff to demonstrate outstanding leadership and teamwork under pressure; to stride confidently towards purposefulgoals and maintain focus despite great risks? Being the second-ever female fighter pilot, Mandy Hickson has a lot of experience in these areas, follow this pathway to find out more. Mandy Hickson learnt how to lead at 50,000 feet, as the second-ever female fighter pilot in the Royal Air Force. Making unerring decisions under intense pressure was a matter of life and death. Follow this pathway to find out how Mandy's experience in the skies can help you to get the best from your team on the ground.

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8 videos • 1 hour 9 minutes

  • Leadership (1/8): Why use stories?

    In the first video to this new series on Leadership, Mandy highlights the importance of storytelling as one of the most powerful means that leaders have to influence, teach, and inspire, and discusses why it is so effective for learning.

    Mandy Hickson02:58

  • Leadership (2/8): Leadership Under Pressure

    In the second video to this series on Leadership, Mandy shares a story from when she led her first ever combat mission over Iraq, having to make quick and sharp decisions under intense pressure. Here she explains one of the most valuable lessons about leadership - The importance of empowering those around you.

    Mandy Hickson10:11

  • Leadership (3/8): Debriefing

    In this video, Mandy talks about the 3 key areas leaders should focus on to build a world class team. She talks about how performance quality is defined by the execution of a well thought out plan. And then goes on to explain how performance and planning must constantly be reviewed in a debrief to achieve optimal results.

    Mandy Hickson11:03

  • Leadership (4/8): Control the Controllables

    In this video, Mandy advises on how to cope with work stress during a pandemic. She identifies how to manage, multitask and stay in control. In the video she gives key pointers on how to maintain high performance under pressure.

    Mandy Hickson09:13

  • Leadership (5/8): Trust and Teams

    Mandy delves into the essence of trust and why it is integral to a successful team. By breaking down the ‘Trust Equation’ into points, Mandy illustrates how each of them contribute to high performance and a highly functioning team that can execute effectively.

    Mandy Hickson10:02

  • Leadership (6/8): Error Management - Part I

    In this video, Mandy explores creating an effective ‘Error Management System’ to respond efficiently and effectively to mistakes. Mandy discusses why human error is normal and describes some of the philosophy around them.

    Mandy Hickson08:13

  • Leadership (7/8): Error Management - Part II

    In this video, Mandy continues to unravel how to manage errors in the workplace. She talks about how vital it is to own errors and references the factors that may prevent people from owning up. The importance of adequate investigation into why errors are made is one of the key takeaways.

    Mandy Hickson06:15

  • Leadership (8/8): Threats

    Threats can be defined as any situation, event, or circumstance that occurs outside of your influence and which may affect the safety of an operation. Mandy discusses the different ways to avoid, trap and mitigate these threats

    Mandy Hickson11:36

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