Markets Essentials

This high-level pathway introduces some of the concepts you will need to understand in order to grasp how markets function.

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12 video modules • 2 hours 58 minutes

  • Introduction to Central Banks and the Creation of Money

    Ever since the financial crisis, central banks have dominated the news. In this video, Frances will explain why we have central banks, what they do and why, despite everything, they still have a role.

    Frances Coppola11:21

  • The Great Moderation and the New Normal

    In this second part of Frances's video on central banks, she covers some of the history that shaped the role they hold today, including the Great Moderation and the financial crisis.

    Frances Coppola12:40

  • Economic Policy Tools, Bretton Woods and the Gold Standard

    In the first video of this series, Tim dives into the history of money and describes the transition process from bartering into paper money. Similarly, he describes the development of central banks and their roles today.

    Tim Hall12:26

  • Introduction to Monetary Policy

    In this video, Kevin provides his views on the recent actions by central banks surrounding their quantitative easing programmes: whether they are sustainable and their effects on capital markets.

    Kevin Gardiner13:49

  • Global Financial Crisis as a Precursor to QE

    The bursting of the US housing bubble and the subsequent collapse of the sub-prime mortgage market triggered a series of events that led to what we now call the global financial crisis. Trevor discusses the monetary policy response to that crisis, in particular quantitative easing.

    Trevor Pugh06:38

  • Introduction to Fiscal Policy

    Fiscal policy is one of three pillars of macroeconomic policy that can be used to influence the trajectory and growth rate of an economy. In this video, Tim provides an overview of macroeconomic theory that will provide the foundation for a more detailed discussion on fiscal policy.

    Tim Hall18:12

  • What is a Repo?

    In this video, Richard covers the basics of repurchase agreements - what they are, how they are structured and their economics and accounting.

    Richard Comotto22:10

  • Introduction to Risk-Free Rates (RFRs)

    In the first video of his series, John introduces the IBOR transition process. He begins by explaining how LIBOR emerged, became one of the major focal points for regulators and central banks and was entrenched in all markets for all financial market participants. John briefly explores the two unavoidable issues with LIBOR that have surfaced in the last few years.

    John Ewan09:11

  • Introduction to Floating Rates

    Peter explains what floating rates are and explains why the most important floating rates are in fact central bank policy rates.

  • Introduction to FX Markets I

    In this video, Kees discusses the Foreign Exchange (FX) market and the importance of understanding Money Markets. He goes into detail on the popularity and volume of currencies traded in the FX market.

  • The Principal Functions of Central Banks

    January covers the roles of a Central Bank; how it controls the currency, how it maintains adequate foreign exchange reserves, and how it acts as a lender of last resort.

    January Carmalt10:08

  • The 2008 Financial Crisis

    In this video, Richard explains the circumstances leading up to the infamous 2008 Financial Crisis. He provides a systemic overview of the crisis by focussing on the timeline of events and the financial ecosystem.

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