Mergers & Acquisitions

Explore this pathway to learn more about successfully navigating the world of Mergers & Acquisitions. Our expert contributors will take you from defining and outlining an M&A transaction to valuations and managing a company's credit rating.




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11 videos • 1 hour 38 minutes

  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Valuation Methodologies I

    Valuations are undertaken to determine how much an asset or a company is worth either today or in the future. Jo explains how to approach these valuations and the key metrics typically used to assess a company’s value.

    Josephine Tan10:33

  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Valuation Methodologies II

    In the second part of Jo's video on valuations, she discusses various valuation methods, including precedent transaction multiples, discounted cashflows (DCF), leveraged buyouts (LBO) and sum-of-the parts.

    Josephine Tan08:06

  • LBO Funding and Exit

    Leveraged buyouts, or 'LBOs', can at times provide investors with high returns despite only risking little relative capital. In this video, Tim details the role of leverage within the process as well as describing appropriate capital structures.

    Tim Hall20:07

  • What is a Leveraged Buyout (LBO)?

    In part II of leveraged buyouts, Tim gives a brief history of LBOs before considering the targets and exits from these.

    Tim Hall10:44

  • Legal Considerations in a M&A transaction

    Mergers and acquisitions, commonly referred to as M&A, are transactions where a company's shares, or its entire business, is sold or merged with another company. Elvan explains why companies engage in an M&A transaction before describing the key steps in the timetable and documentation required.

    Elvan Hussein07:57

  • Legal Due Diligence in a M&A Transaction

    Legal due diligence is the process by which a buyer investigates the target business it is intending to buy. Elvan expands on this operation by outlining the objectives of a legal due diligence and describes how this process looks in practice.

    Elvan Hussein06:19

  • Warranties in a M&A Transaction

    Elvan provides an understanding of how warranties work in the context of an M&A transaction by answering some fundamental questions: what are warranties, what is their purpose and what are some of their limitations?

    Elvan Hussein07:47

  • Contingent Hedging Introduction

    In this video, Selim Toker talks about the hedging of market risks in an event-driven transaction, such as a piece of cross-border M&A. He uses the foreign exchange risk in the acquisition consideration as an example, but there are many other risks that could be hedged with products we are going to look at.

    Selim Toker11:42

  • Pricing and Application of Contingent FX Hedges

    In this video, we look at the practicalities of prosecuting a DC hedge, as well as some case studies to highlight the robustness of this product. We will also spend some time discussing the different market risks that can be covered by such a derivative technology.

    Selim Toker14:38

  • Managing Credit Ratings during a M&A II

    Managing a company’s credit rating effectively during an acquisition process is vital to ensuring surprising changes to the credit rating level post-acquisition are minimised. In part I, Gurdip sets out the seven steps to managing a company’s credit rating during an acquisition process, starting with project set-up and ending with the rating agency's decision.

    Gurdip Dhami12:17

  • Managing Credit Ratings during a M&A I

    Gurdip continues his explanation of steps to take in order to maintain a company's credit rating during an acquisition. This video covers RES/RAS decision, preparing the ratings pack, the rating agency meeting and ultimately the rating agency decision.

    Gurdip Dhami15:01

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