Essential viewing to understand how international payment processes work, and how the process of making payments is being disrupted by developments in Fintech.

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6 videos • 52 minutes

  • Domestic Payment Systems in the UK

    The first video on this series is an overview of Domestic Payments. In this video, Ritu provides us an understanding of the most common domestic payment  systems i.e, BACS, CHAPS & a system called ‘Faster Payments'.

    Ritu Sehgal04:39

  • Introduction to International Electronic Payments

    The main purpose of the second video on this series is to provide a step by step information on the International Payment methods.

    Ritu Sehgal04:26

  • Key Concepts in International Electronic Payments

    Pat discusses the fundamentals of international payments: payment schemes, self clearing and cross border payments.

    Pat Curran13:27

  • International Electronic Payments Illustration

    Following Pat's introductory video on international payments, Pat now dives into further detail with some examples of international payments.

    Pat Curran18:09

  • Access to Payment Schemes for Fintechs

    Since 2017 the Bank of England has provided a framework for non-bank payment service providers to access all UK domestic payment schemes. In this video, Michael outlines the route for Fintechs to get access to payment schemes.

    Michael Bond08:51

  • Fintech Disruption in the Payments Landscape

    Fintech is becoming increasingly important in the sphere of payments. Michael explains how technology can increase competition and make the market more efficient for consumers.

    Michael Bond11:46

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