Private Equity

Private Equity is often in the news as a result of some of the very large leveraged buyout transactions, although the vast majority of private equity firms are mid-cap and venture capital firms. In this pathway, you will be provided with an overview of all aspects associated with Private Equity, including an overview of valuation, deal structuring, portfolio management, exiting, fundraising and even some tips on how to get a job in Private Equity.

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15 video modules • 2 hours 56 minutes

  • What is Private Equity?

    In this exciting series on private equity, shot entirely from home, Gavin discusses its three defining features - negotiation, exit and activism - and private equity's classification as an asset class.

    Gavin Ryan09:13

  • Private Equity Sub-Categories

    In this module, Gavin discusses the four sub asset classes of private equity. The private equity asset class is sub divided into buyouts, growth, venture and mezzanine.

    Gavin Ryan09:21

  • Private Equity Deal Origination

    In this video, shot from home, Gavin will review how private equity funds position themselves in their market, how they develop a pipeline of potential investments and how they determine whether a specific opportunity is worth pursuing.

    Gavin Ryan10:05

  • Private Equity Valuation Methodologies

    Valuation is a core component of every investment transaction and private equity is no different in this respect. In this video, Gavin discusses the methods of valuing buyouts, and growth and venture investments.

    Gavin Ryan10:08

  • Private Equity Deal Structuring

    A private equity investor is looking to deploy flexibility in deal structuring, to give him a competitive advantage over other, more constrained investors. Gavin will discuss the extent of this flexibility by describing the approach of private equity investors and some of the financial and non financial instruments included in a deal.

    Gavin Ryan09:59

  • Private Equity Portfolio Management

    Gavin explains how a private equity investor manages his portfolio company by outlining the approach of a successful fund manager and the six part value addition framework.

    Gavin Ryan10:19

  • Private Equity Exit Options

    In order to have a sustainable business, a fund manager needs to periodically raise a new fund; and in order to do this he needs successful exits. Gavin describes the four exit options and the benefits of each.

    Gavin Ryan11:28

  • Private Equity Fund Set Up and Governance

    In this video, Gavin explains the basic structure of a private equity firm, before delving into the structure and governance of funds and its fund managers.

    Gavin Ryan11:19

  • Private Equity Fundraising

    Fundraising is the key to becoming a private equity fund manager. Gavin emphasises its importance and discloses many misconceptions about fundraising and some key factors for success.

    Gavin Ryan10:55

  • Private Equity Asset Class Performance

    Private equity performance statistics should always be analysed with some scepticism; because they are extremely unreliable and inconclusive. Gavin explains why this is the case by analysing the key performance metrics: Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Cash Multiple, Distributions to Total Value (DVTV) and Residual Value to Total Value (RVTV).

    Gavin Ryan10:58

  • Private Equity Limited Partner Risk Management

    Risk depends upon perception and therefore the identity of the party assessing the risk. Gavin discusses risk in terms of the two main viewpoints in private equity: the limited partners (LPs) and the general partners (GPs).

    Gavin Ryan08:41

  • Private Equity Transaction Due Diligence

    In this video, Gavin identifies the features of due diligence specific to private equity investments. He explains the main types of due diligence and how the costs are covered.

    Gavin Ryan18:11

  • Working in Private Equity

    There are many attractive aspects of working in private equity. Gavin assists in offering his advice on how to get a private equity job by explaining the size and composition of the labour market, the profiles of private equity managers and candidates, and lists some ways to enhance your CV.

    Gavin Ryan19:23

  • Incorporating ESG in to Private Equity

    Private equity is taking into account ESG values in its investment decisions and in how it manages its portfolio companies. In this video, Gavin outlines how ESG is monitored and how the investment process works within private equity.

    Gavin Ryan13:28

  • Private Equity Impact Investing

    In this video, Gavin explores the viability of impact investing, i.e. achieving both financial and social returns on investment, and outlines where this concept relates to private equity.

    Gavin Ryan12:37

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