The Asset Management Function

In this pathway, Thanos takes us into the world of asset management companies. He explains the different roles that individuals in an asset management company perform in order to make them function efficiently.

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3 videos • 25 minutes

  • Front Office Decision Makers in Asset Management

    This series of videos on “Asset Management Functions” helps demystify the various front office roles within asset management firms and also helps distinguish the various roles, including how an Economist differs from a Strategist, a PM, a trader and so on. In the first video of this series Thanos explains the roles of "Portfolio Manager", "Analyst", "Quant", "ESG Specialist" and "Traders" and how they are directly involved in the decision making process.

    Thanos Papasavvas, CFA11:22

  • Other Key Front Office Roles in Asset Management

    In the second video of this series, Thanos continues explaining the roles within the ‘front office’ who support the key decision makers, they are the "Economist ", "Portfolio Strategist", "Client Portfolio Manager (CPM)", "Product Specialist", "Head of Team" and "CIO (Chief Investment Officer)".

    Thanos Papasavvas, CFA08:39

  • Front Office Team Case Study in Asset Management

    In the first two videos of this series, Thanos provides an insight into the various types of roles and corresponding responsibilities within an asset management firm, and helps us to navigate our way in the sector. In the final video of this series, he provides a hypothetical example which should be resonating across many firms.

    Thanos Papasavvas, CFA05:16

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