Trade Finance

Trade finance describes the way in which banks help facilitate their customers’ international trade by removing the credit risk inherent in import and export contracts. Follow this pathway to gain a comprehensive understanding of how this market operates.

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14 video modules • 1 hour 33 minutes

  • Trade Finance Jargon Buster

    With global trade worth an estimated $18 trillion, there is no question as to why financiers are attracted to this sector. To fully enjoy the benefits of trade finance, it is important to understand the basic principles that underpin it. Aidan discusses the basics of trade finance by expanding on key principles such as export finance, commodity finance and structured & commodity trade.

  • Key Benefits of Trade Finance

    In Aidan's previous video, he clarified some terms closely related to trade finance to provide a better understanding of the basics. In this video, Aidan discusses the key benefits of trade finance, namely its transparent and self-liquidating transactions, its earnings potential, and cross-sell potential.

  • Risk Mitigation in Trade Finance

    Andy covers the most common risks involved in a transaction in Trade Finance as well as other considerations.

    Andy Sweeney04:44

  • Trade Finance as a Risk Management Tool

    Within Trade Finance there is an inherent conflict between buyers and sellers in different locations. In this video, Aidan explores how effective risk management affords the transparency and ‘hands on’ engagement that facilitates diligent commercial lending.

  • Legal Documentation in Trade Finance

    In Trade Finance the documentation is the same regardless of the transaction size. In this video, Andy explains the different types of documentation required for a transaction.

    Andy Sweeney04:11

  • Letters of Credit in Trade Finance

    In this video Andy describes letters of credit - what they are, their functions and the different format types.

    Andy Sweeney03:12

  • Investing in Trade Finance

    Many funds struggle to access the Trade Finance market, typically because of its complexity. In this video Andy outlines the structures available for investors to gain access the market.

    Andy Sweeney05:06

  • Letters of Credit Vs Documentary Collection

    Following on from Aidan's video on the risk ladder, he continues his series on Trade Finance by looking at how the documentary Letter of Credit works and how its role is similar to that of the Documentary Collection.

  • Trade Finance as Working Capital

    As explained in the previous video, once any risks are mitigated for the seller, he can raise finance against his expected sales receivable, whilst the buyer can raise finance against the security of the underlying asset. In this video we’ll see how trade working capital is enabled by deploying these solutions.

  • Contextualising the Role of Trade Finance

    Trade is taking centre stage in world affairs, and with good reason! In this video, Aidan provides an explanation of what will be covered in this series on Trade Finance.

  • Contextualising the Role of Trade Finance

    Trade is taking centre stage in world affairs, and with good reason! In this video, Aidan provides an explanation of what will be covered in this series on Trade Finance.

  • Traditional Credit Analysis Vs Trade Finance

    Aidan outlines the significance of credit support in trade finance. He critiques traditional credit analysis, explains the components that makeup credit analysis and outlines the value of focusing on these components.

  • Key Risks in Trade Finance

    In this video, Aidan breaks down the credit risk focus of trade finance, and the importance of their management. This includes settlement risk, performance risk, and logistics risk.

  • Mitigating Trade-Based Money Laundering

    Money laundering and financial crime risk in trade finance is a problem that the industry has struggled to solve. Iain explains the complexity of this issue by explaining what we know, emerging threats and what bank policies exist to address this risk in trade finance.

    Iain Hoggarth16:54

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