Correspondent Banking

Correspondent Banking describes how banks work with each other to facilitate trade and payment flows around the world.




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3 videos • 45 minutes

  • Introduction to Correspondent Banking

    All economies are dependent on international trade. As soon as companies and individuals need to trade products or services internationally, correspondent banking has a role to play. Rob goes into detail on what correspondent banking is, why it is necessary and how it impacts trade finance.

    Robert Ellison18:56

  • Managing Correspondent Banking Networks

    In Rob's previous video, "What is Correspondent Banking and why do we need it?", he covered what correspondent banking is and the products involved. In this video, Rob explains why banks work together, the benefits of having a large or small network of correspondents and whether circumstances are different for a global bank.

    Robert Ellison13:13

  • Correspondent Banking Products and Evolution

    In a previous video we discussed that, historically, the main two product lines for a correspondent banking team were Payments and Trade Finance - both very much transactional banking product lines. In this video, Paul discusses how management of credit and risk, key international events and rightsizing of bank portfolios led to the evolution of correspondent banking.

    Paul Taylor12:59

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