Venture Capital

Venture Capital is notoriously high-stakes. This pathway will lead you through the snakes and ladders game of finding investment opportunities as a founder. You will learn about how a VC fund is structured and have a better understanding of how investments generally perform. By the end of this pathway you will understand how a VC fund operates.

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4 videos • 37 minutes

  • How does Venture Capital analyse an investment?

    When valuing early-stage businesses, analysts cannot rely on things like discounted cash flow figures as companies at seed stage usually have not yet made revenue. Alexandra discusses the three pillars that venture capitalists look at when evaluating investment opportunities: Product, Market, and the Team.

    Alexandra Perez08:57

  • The Economics of a Venture Capital Investment

    In this video, Harry firstly outlines the lifecycle of a venture fund, which includes both the commitment and follow-up period. Before moving toward key criteria VCs use when assessing an investment opportunity. Some of which include an assessment of the founders and team, and the market size, dynamics and competitive landscape.

    Harry Davies10:58

  • What is Venture Capital?

    In the first video to this new series on Venture Capital, Harry defines the roles of Venture Capitalists, and outlines the setup of a VC fund. This includes a mixture of both Limited Partners (LPs) and General Partners (GPs). He further goes on to discuss how each of these stakeholders are paid.

    Harry Davies10:04

  • Working in Venture Capital

    In the last video to this series on Venture Capital, Harry delves into the different roles and responsibilities of those within a venture capital firm. This includes partners, analysts, associates and so on before briefly introducing the VC ecosystem within the UK. In 2019, £10.1bn was invested by VCs into UK companies.

    Harry Davies07:15

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